Extra Points during School Closure




1. FOOD   We are studying ASIA. I will give you Extra Credit if you eat food from Mongolia, China, Japan, VietNam, Cambodia, India, etc.! You could go to the Galleria Mall....go to the food court, and look for "RED IRON MONOGLIAN BBQ"...this is fantastic food!  Or, go to "BIG WOK", a Mongol restaurant on Sepulveda Bl. in Manhattan Beach.  (They just moved...they are right across the street from Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream! For Chinese food, try "PANDA EXPRESS" here in Lawndale! There are also VietNamese, Indian and Cambodian restaurants in our community! If you just send me a photo, you get 5 points extra credit. If you also write me a paragraph, you can get 10 or more points!

This work is   Not Required, But if you complete any of these projects, you get




What we are going through right now with the coronavirus is world history in the making! You may not realize it, but you will remember this time frame forever! Keep a journal of what is happening! You could write down the latest info that is in the news every day or every other day. But, for your first day, please do a little research about how this started about 1-2 months ago in China. Describe how did it spread, where it started in the U.S., how the numbers changed, how it spread in Europe (and specifically Italy). Describe how it changed the stock market (today--March 16--was the biggest loss of stock value in recorded history)! I will give you points if you keep-up your journal!

2. Video about the NINJAS!

3. Video about the THE BLACK DEATH

Go to Google Classroom! You will find all of these extra things to do while we are on School Closure there!

In studying about Asia, Japan and the samurais, we hear about the NINJAS! Some say that the ninjas never really existed, but experts say that the ninas were the most secret samurai. They were able to complete a task in such a secret manner that some say it never really happened. To watch this video, on my website, go to "C7-C8 Asia", click on C8L3 Cornell Notes, then scroll down to the video. Write your thoughts about this on Google Classroom. You will see it in the folder "Extra Points during School Closure".

This is a 48-minute video about the Black Death, an event that happened during the Middle Ages which is the next unit we will study. To watch this video, click to the  icon on your right to link you to the video, and open the folder on Google Classroom titled "Extra Points During School Closure" to write your thoughts about this topic.

4. Flipgrid and Buddhism

I've created another opportunity for FREE EXTRA POINTS...it is Flipgrid. Watch the video clip and share YOUR THOUGHTS about Buddhism. Check Google Classroom in the folder "Extra Points during School Closure" for this Flipgrid.

5. Write in Languages from ASIA

We've completed this exercise with many other units we've studied this year, and we were all going to do this together until school closed. Now, you can complete this and get some extra points. All you have to do is write a good sentence in English (with 5 or more words), then write the same sentence in 10 different languages in Asia. Watch the video above as a reminder of how we do this project. If you have a printer at home, you can click on the icon to the right to print the paper. If not, just write it all on lined paper. Use the web site "translate.google.com" to translate to the other languages.