"My Name Is Khan" is a story about Rizwan Khan (Shahrukh Khan), man who suffers from Austim, a disorder that restricts an individual to interact with people. He comes to live with his younger brother, Zakir (Jimmy Shergill), in the United States after their mother’s death. Rizwan also starts to work for his brother selling beauty products. While working, he meets Mandira who is a hairdresser. Mandira is a free spirited woman who has a 6 year old son, Sam. Mandira had a troubled marriage that ended, but she marries Rizwan after his persuation.

Rizwan, Mandira and their son, Sam, live as a happy family. But everything changes after the 9/11 attack in the New York City. Sam gets involved in a fight with few school kids who blame him to be a terrorist. In the fight, the film takes a major turn. In her fury over the loss of her son, Mandira asks Riwan to leave her and tell the people in society, including the President, that having the last name as Khan doesn’t prove that all Muslims are terrorists.

The film carries an important essence that people following the Islam religion are not jihadis. The film combines a different love story along with a message. The movie from India is an emotional ride through the highs and lows of a family in San Francisco that suffers from being stereotyped.

Below are two trailers for the film "My Name Is Khan" from India.

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