Spiral TofC

  Periods   2, 3, 4, 6, 7  World History

Over 95% of our homework assignments will be in your Social Studies Spiral Notebook. It must be a single subject, 70 page (or up to 100 pgs., but no more) spiral notebook. Our first Table of Contents is on page 1 (see below). Your first assignment begins on page 11. We will have spiral assignments for each unit. We will grade our spirals at the end of every unit. Below is our first TofC as we start our first unit on the fall of the Roman Empire.

Do you want to see what it takes to get an A+ on your spiral? Click on the video to see a review of all of the types of assignments in each unit.

Your SS Spiral is due on Wed., Sept. 22!

It is to be graded by the student AND parent. Be sure to sign the paper at the bottom.

Click on the icon to the right to print another copy.

Do you need help creating your Table of Contents for your Social Studies Spiral Notebook? Get a ruler and a black or blue pen and watch this 7-minute video.

How to use your CheckList when grading your SS Spiral Notebook.