Back to School Night

Thank you to the parents who were not able to make it to our Back to School Night, but would still like to learn what information I presented about 7th grade World History and Team USC. Please watch the 2 videos belowk then click on the icon on the bottom of the page to send me an e-mail (or Dojo) about what you think is important from my presentation.

This 3-minute video is a tour of Room 16 at Addams Middle School.

This 13-minute video covers my slide presentation from the traditional BtoS Night in the classroom. It has my syllabus, class content, etc.

After you've watched the 2 videos above, click on the link below and e-mail your thoughts on my presenation. The e-mail address is: OR send me a message on ClassDojo. If you send me a message about the video(s), I will give your child extra-credit points. (If you use e-mail, be sure to tell me what period your child has World History!