USC Handbook Planner

USC Handbook Planner

During the 1st week of school, you received the USC Handbook Planner 2019-20 from one of your core teachers. For Team USC, we have put everything in the handbook so that it will be easier for you and your parents to share vital information from your Team USC teachers in an organized way. Inside the planner is a syllabus from your four core teachers--language arts, math, science, and world history. There are also some documents that cover all of your teachers that we would like for you to ready and sign.

On this 1/2 sheet paper is the list of documents we are asking you and your parents to read. We also ask that you sign this document to let us know that you have read and understand these guidelines.

This paper is due back to you Advsiory teacher by Friday, September 3.

Documents Inside Your Planner

7th Grade Bell Schedule

Table of Contents

Cover Letter

Team USC Standards & Expectations

USC Content Enrichment Permission

Goal Setting Outlines


Syllabus, Standards & Expectations

for World History is below. The syllabi for language arts, math and science are also in your planner.