What is "CareCash"?

"CareCash" is a reward system at Addams Middle School where any adults can recognize students and give awards for a variety of accomplishments. Rewards can be given for academic rewards. Academic rewards can be for high grades or for just trying hard! It also be for helping other students work to succeed! Rewards are also given for signs of good citizenship. This can include helping other students carry their books, give directions, or picking-up something they dropped. Any good thing that you can possibly be rewarded with a CareCash. Every teacher has their own CareCash awards.

How do I spend my "CareCash" to get a reward?

Once a month, there is a Buy Back Day held by the ASB at the Student Store. You can see the list of rewards that are available for the teachers of your team. You can go spend your "CareCash" at the Buy Back Day.

Rewards that are offered by Dr. Neufeld

Below are the rewards that offered by Dr. Neufeld that a student can buy at Buy Back Day. The price is on each reward. If you want to buy the reward from Dr. Neufeld, you can, but the cost is double! To pay the regular price, you must buy it at Buy Back Day once a month in the Student Store. If you want to buy a reward from Dr. Neufeld, you must see him before, after school or a lunch time...not during class time.

For "Skip HW Assign in SSSp", "Late Pass: Free Homework Late Pass" and "Free Geog. Quiz", you can use these rewards for only one activity per unit of study. However, for the "HW Pass" and "Late Pass", you can use it for one Cornell Notes or Q&A and one vocabulary. For geography, it can be used for a geography, not for a Geog. Review Quiz or the quiz at the end of the year.

Dr. Neufeld's Rewards:

Dr. Neufeld's TAXES with CareCash: