How to Write Cornell Notes

Please review the steps below important to earning an A on your Cornell Notes.




We begin our notes by writing the title of the Chapter and of the Lesson. There are 4 lessons in Chapter 2, Lesson 1, so the title of the chapter on each will be the same, but the title of the lesson will be different.

     C2: The Expansion & Fall of Rome

     L1: The Rise & Expansion of Rome

In C2, L1, there are 9 titles. However, in the textbook, all of the titles are RED. There are 3 LARGE titles and there are small titles. The 3 large titles are the the 3 themes of this lesson. All of the small titles are related to the 3 major themes.

In our Cornell Notes, we will write the 3 LARGE, MAJOR TITLES IN RED! We will write the smaller titles that relate to the large titles in black or blue. (On my notes posted on my web site, the smaller titles are in blue.) If you want a grade of A on your spiral, you do need to follow these color guidelines. If all of your notes and titles are only in black pen/pencil, your grade will be a C.

As you read through the textbook, you should summarize the text in notes. You can write in bullets rather than complete sentences. To speed-up your note taking, you can also abbreviate words as you write down your notes.


There are different short stories throughout the text that relates to our chapter.

How to start your

C1L1 Cornell Notes (SSSp#12) with Google Classroom and the textbook "Image".

6 minutes