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Lincoln's Birthday


Washington's Birthday


C8L1 Cornell Notes (SSSp#60) and Vocab. (SSSp#61) due; Geog. #16: Asia Quiz

C8L2 Cornell Notes (SSSp#63) and Vocab. (SSSp#64) due

Geog. #16: Asia (SSSp#65) due

Geog. #16: Asia Quiz

C8L3 Q&A (SSSp#66) and C8L3 Vocab. (SSSp#67) due; Writing in Many Asian Languages paper w/ parent sig due

C8 Timeline for L4 (SSSp#68) due; Geog. #18: Asia Quiz; writing in foreign languages due

C8L4 Q&A (SSSp#69) and Vocab. (E.C.) due

Asia nation slide show due at 6 am


2nd Trimester ENDS

Take C8 Test by 9 p.m. on Mon., Feb. 19

SS Spiral due

KWL (SSSp#48) due by p.m.

Geog. Review Quiz for W, RE, I, Af, As

Geog. Review Quiz for W, RE, I, Af, As

Haiku poem is due