Coat of Arms

This COAT OF ARMS Project is due on MONDAY, APRIL 8!

Assignments that are late will be one grade lower until it is completed.

Then students will serve lunch and after-school detention until it is completed.

A Coat of Arms is a surcoat or tabard embroidered with heraldic devices, worn by medieval knights, nobles and the upper class over their armor. Individuals had their own Coat of Arms with a design unique for them. The Coat of arms did NOT exist for families, however, it has changed to them means today. A typical Coat of Arms is comprised of the items listed below. You can create your OWN Coat of Arms that can have all of few of the elements listed below.


Knowing the above, I am allowing you to create your OWN Coat of Arms in one of the following ways:

1. You are a knight or a noble in Europe during the Middle Ages

2. Your OWN Coat of Arms for YOU today!

3. Create a Coat of Arms for your FAMILY.

4. Create a Coat of Arms for Addams Middle School!

5. Create a Coat of Arms for Team USC at Addams!

You can make yours large and beautiful on cardboard OR you can use paper I had available in class that was 8 1/2 inches by 11 inches. You can click on one of the links below to print one of these papers.

Below are just a few examples of some European Coat of Arms.


Below are links to web sites that could help you on this project. Just click on the icons to go to the web site.

Almost every country in the world has a Coat of Arms. Go to this web site to see the examples for all of the countries.

This is a GREAT web site. Click on the icon to the left, then click on DESIGN CHOICES to look at all of the options.

Click below to create your Coat of Arms on the Internet. This could be extra-credit.

Click below to create your Coat of Arms on the Internet. This could be extra-credit.

COLORS in your Coat of Arms

To your right is a list of the colors and a description of what they mean that are important on traditional Coats of Arms.

Below is a link to a large example of important parts of the Coat of Arms.


To your left is information on what ANIMALS and SYMBOLS mean when pictured on your Coat of Arms.


To the right is the hand-out I distributed in class. If you need another copy, click on the icon.