Africa Nation

We have 48 nations on the African continent for our selection. We did not include the very small island nations. In actuality, there is a total of 54 nations that are part of Africa.

The slide presentation is shown below. Each slide will have a particlar topic or topics to be covered on that slide. You can include text, pictures, graphics, videos and/or music on each slide. However, text may not be must be all in your own sentences/paragraphs. Also part of your overall grade is regarding your text.

Proper spelling and grammar, particularly capitalization, comas and periods, are part of your overall grade.

All of your research can be found on the Internet.

This project is due before we leave for Winter Break. It is due at 9 p.m. on

Thursday, December 20, 2018!

You will create a detailed slide show report about one of the nations on the African continent. The list of nations is below. All of the nations will be available each period. We will have a drawing on our computer to select who will sign-up for the country they choose.