Maya Hieroglyphics

Your Assignment...

Writing something using Mayan hieroglyphics either of the sound characters or of the single letter characters.

1.      Due on Friday, February 14.

2.      Your Mayan hieroglyphics must be in color, or grade will be one grade lower.

3.      Underneath the Mayan characters, you must write in English what you wrote in Maya characters.

Grade Scale

A = one complete sentence in color hieroglyphics...must be large

B = your first, middle and last name in black/white hieroglyphics...must be large

C = name only in large, color hieroglyphs

D = (no D unless grade is lowered for being late/not in color)

F = no/incomplete work done

Assignment is one grade lower for every day late.

Assignment is also one grade lower if not in color.

You can use the following symbols: