C11-C12 Test Online


To take the C11-C12 Test on the Internet, read the directions on the hand-out.

Then click on the icon below to proceed to Testmoz where you can take the test.

C11-C12 Test


Check Google Classroom to find the address for the test posted on Testmoz.

Be sure you click SUBMIT an SIGN OUT after you finish all of your questions.

THIS TEST must be completed by 9 p.m. on WEDNESDAY, FEB. 5!

To print another C11-C12 Test Sheet as shown to the right, click on it! Be sure to bring this paper back after taking the test!

Your SS Spiral is due on Monday, February 3.

The spirals are due only for the list of students I read to each period. (Click on the icon to your right to print the CheckList!)